Month: July 2012

Pics of the day

Took these last weekend at my mom’s birthday.


Chocolate & Coffee Pots


Fresh Berry Tartelette w/ whipped cream.


What’s in my Purse.

Right now. So here we go.

1. Wallet. Relatively empty. 2. Sunglasses. It’s supposed to be summer, after all. 3. Umbrella -ella -ella -eh -eh -eh. Summer weather is crazy. 4. Fold up hair brush/mirror thingy. 5. Bag. A 20 €-H&M number that I got in Brussels after my last 20 €-H&M number gave out. 6. Moleskine calendar, my favorite pen in the world, a LAMY I nicked from my dad, and my 2nd favorite pen, a promotional gift, 2 highlighters and a white kajal. 7. Phone. Samsung Galaxy SII, I love that thing. 8. Collection of Law Codes concerning Media Law. Last year’s edition, not up to date anymore. 9. iPod and Urbanears. I can’t live without music. 10. Notebook filled with ultra-smart notes and a thumbdrive. 11. Random packet of sugar. Don’t know what that is doing in there.