This is our livingroom!(?)

This thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My mom was in town for a visit, and after a little bit of shopping, we got some sandwiches and sat down in a local park to eat. Now this park (it’s more like a medium sized lawn with a few trees) is right in the city center, between a university building and the theater. For some reason, it is also where sometimes groups of homeless people convene, drink and sleep. That day when we were there, there were two of them.

So my mum and I sat down to eat and talk. This is when one of the homeless people, a woman, started to come over to us. We were sort of prepared for being asked for money, kind of pissed because we were obviously in conversation. I wasn’t prepared for being asked for my half-eaten sandwich. “We are so hungry, you know!” she said, “You’re not eating it”. At that time I wasn’t in the process of eating, right, because I was talking to my mum. I tried to be polite, told her that I was sorry, but that sandwich was my lunch and I intended on eating it. She then went on a rambling fit how the fish in my sandwich was obviously poisoned by radiation and she didn’t wanna eat fish anyways, but, since she was so hungry and so on. She then left, and my mom, compassionate soul that she is, asked me if there was a bakery nearby, as to get something to eat for those two homeless people. I said I wanted to finish my food first.

At that point, a young lady came out of the booth the theater temporarily placed on the side of the road to sell tickets, and started to re-affix the posters outside the booth. This didn’t seem to please the hobos and after watching her for a while, the man started to yell at that theater employee, asking what the hell she was doing, telling her to stop at once and then uttered the sentence that made me most of all think about the whole incident: “You can’t go around changing things here, this is our living room!!!” I had never thouhgt of it that way. I walk past that park almost every day on my way to university. Sometimes there are hobos there, and if they are, I usually find them annoying. Not their presence per se, but the fact that they panhandle rather agressively, dishing out verbal abuse and using the university sidewalls as a urinal.

Homeless people come with living in a big(ish) town, I get that, but I hadn’t given my feelings towards them much thought until that day when my mom was there and I told her that we wouldn’t be buying food for two drunks who scream at a woman for doing her job. I’m all for supporting those less fortunate, I regularly buy the journal that is sold by homeless people in my town and gives them a chance to legitimately earn some money. What I can’t stand is people being publicly and agressively unfriendly towards other people.


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