Second-hand reality

What the hell is wrong with kids these days (and what the hell is wrong with me, I sound old!)? I went to two concerts this weeks, both with a relatively young audience. And at both concerts  I had the same problem. I couldn’t see anything. Now, I’m not that tall, but the main problem was dozens of digital cameras and smartphones, held up high in the air, filming and taking photographs of the stage.

Since I was already distracted, I decided to watch, see what kind of footage they were getting. Needless to say, with the surrounding light, or lack thereof, and ongoing movement, most of the pictures were shaky, blurry, out of focus. The same with video. So why do people do this? Why take pictures of an event instead of really enjoying it? Is the need to have proof of having been there, of having had the chance to have fun more important than having fun itself?

I didn’t take my phone out of my handbag on both nights. I don’t regret it.


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