Here we go again


I might be a little bored / not able to fall asleep…

TV Shows Challenge

Pick five of your favorite TV shows before reading the questions.

1. Doctor Who

2. Firefly

3. Hawaii Five-0

4. Castle

5. Downton Abbey

1) Who is your favorite character in 5?

THERE ARE SO MANY! Granny/Dowager Countess/Maggie Smith. Love her.

2) Who is your least favorite character in 3?

Kono. They should have fricken killed her instead of Malia.

3) What is your favorite episode of number 1?

I’ll have to go with one episode per Doctor, so „The Doctor Dances“ for 9, „The Girl in the Fireplace“ for 10 and „Vincent and the Doctor“

4) What is your favorite season of number 4?

The first one was amazing, I’m going with that.

5) What is your favorite relationship in 2?

Mal and Kaylee. They have this wonderful mutual respect and admiration. Honorable Mention: Jayne and Vera.

6) What is your least favorite relationship in 3?

Kono and Adam. Because she should have died and if not she should be with Lab Boy.

7) How long have you watched 5?

Forever. As in, for the two years it has been on.

8) How did you become interested in 4?

My friend said “Watch this”, so I watched it and fell in love with Nathan Fillion.

9) Who is your favorite actor in number 1?

It’s a toss up between Noel Clarke and Arthur Darvill – the male companions are far too underrated.

10) Which show do you prefer more: 1, 2, or 5?

*I don’t wanna choose, hiding in my blanket fort* Doctor Who.

11) Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 4?

I’ve seen every single episode of both shows, so Who.

12) If you could be anyone from 3, who would it be?

Cath Rollings. Because a. she is a badass military intelligence chick and b. Steve McGarrett.

13) How would you kill off your favorite character in 5?

Lady Isobel will go out with a bang if she has to go. There is too much of Prof. McGonagall in her.

14) Would a 3/4 crossover work?

Oh hell yeah. Castle would annoy the hell out of McGarrett and Danno, while Beckett and Chin Ho roll their eyes and Espo and Ryan try to hit on Kono.

15) Pair two characters in 4 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple :

I want Esposito and Lainie back together. Unlikely, but wonderfully perfect.

16) Give a random quote from 2.

Everyone’s got somebody. Wash, tell me I’m pretty. – Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion. – ‘Cause I’m pretty? – ‘Cause you’re pretty.



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