Just because I am a little bored

Another poll. Got this one from my Lycoris pen pal and favorite teen librarian, Amy.

First Job: Cleaning the car for my parents. They paid me 2€. When my little brother took over the job, he got 5. 

First Real Job: As in first job that actually paid almost enough: Popcorn salesperson and general odd job girl at the local movie theater. I did it for the free popcorn/movies.

First Car: Never owned a car. First car I learned to drive in: Audi A1, first car I crashed: my parents’ Opel Astra.

First Record/CD: Shakira, Laundry Service

First Sport Played: I did gymnastics for a few years in kindergarten/elementary school.

First Concert: The first concert I can remember was PUR with my parents in Heidelberg.

First Foreign Country Visited: First instinct is France, but it might have been Switzerland on the way to Italy, I’m not really sure.

First Favourite TV Show: We didn’t have a TV for years. But once we had one for a few weeks, god knows why, and the only thing I got to watch was Nils Holgerson, so that was my favorite TV show at the time.

First Favourite Actor: No idea. I have tons of favorite actors right now, but I have absolutely no idea as to who was first.

First Favourite Actress: Same here. Growing up mostly without TV might have influenced that. I do remember that I really liked the princess in Swan Lake, so I’m going with that.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: I’m not sure who came first, but it must have been one of my kindergarten boyfriends, so either Benedikt, who accused me of having no boy toys, or Tobias, to whom I got engaged during a kindergarten sleepover. That engagement was never officially broken, not even when we were in third grade and he kissed that mean girl, Julia, so I better hunt him down and drag him to the altar!

First Encounter with a Famous Person: The first one I remember was a few years ago in Colorado when I met some hockey player who hugged me and told me his mum was from Germany, too. Most recently, our former state PM when I visited the European Commission in Brussels, he walked right past us and the only thing I could think about was “He’s shorter than I imagined”.

First Brush With Death: A car crash in Switzerland a few years ago. Our car was hit in the side, did a 180, turned over on the side and back on the road. But what I remember most about that incident was the aftermath, dealing with the police and trying to communicate my brothers’ and my information in French to the police.

First Film Seen: Swan Lake.

First Favorite Recording Artist: Konstantin Wecker. I was 5 going on 6 and he has this lyric “ob du 6 bist oder 100” – “no matter if you are 6 or 100 years old” – I was so pleased with myself when I finally turned 6 and it applied to me!

First Favorite Radio Station: SWR 1. Eins gehört gehört. Still like it today, actually.

First Book I Remember Reading: I remember being read to a lot, and I remember being extremely proud of finishing Erich Kästner’s “Das Doppelte Lottchen” in a day, but in between? No idea.

First Comic Book: Either Asterix or Spirou und Fantasio. My dad has a pretty nice collection of Belgian and French Comic books and I loved reading them as a kid. I have recently started reading them again and noticed how many jokes I missed.

First Action Figure: I have never owned an Action Figure, see above my friend’s lament over my owning boy toys…



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