Concerning fairy tales

I read an article today about “Truly twisted ‘Children’s Stories'”. Going through their list, I noticed that there were two categories- stories I had never heard of, and classic fairy tales, as far as I know classics from “Grimms Märchen”.

Now, I realize that those tend to be pretty scary, but I don’t see them as being “twisted”. Growing up, my parents and grandparents read and told those stories to me hundreds of times. They told me about how Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off their toes, how Little Red Riding Hood’s granny was eaten by a wolf and how the evil witch wanted to eat Hansel. And you know what? As a kid, I didn’t question it. It was scary, but scary stories are good, and after all, they were just fairy tales. As in, not real.

But there was another thing that got to me in that article. It asks the question whether the Brothers Grimm actually had Halloween on their mind when they wrote their fairy tales. Let me answer that real quick. No. Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm went around collecting folk stories, stories that have been told for generations, and collected them, writing them down and conserving them for, basically, us. These stories are usually designed to teach a lesson, and some of them are just that, a story. They were not written with children in mind. There are “clean”, “Disney” versions of the fairy tales, which I found out years after I first heard the stories. I was pretty surprised, because I realized that there were bits missing, and that, apparently, there was something wrong with the stories I have loved since childhood. Which there isn’t.

But, dear random TheStir writer, if you think these fairy tales are too spooky for your kid, don’t tell them to your kid. But to be throughout you also shouldn’t let your kid read Twilight, because of necrophilia and bestiality. Just saying.


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