I don’t know how Pinterest works. I still managed to make food.

Maybe this is gonna turn into a food blog. Maybe not. I have no idea what I’m doing, to be honest, so I’m just gonna carry on. Bear with me, or not, I’m not gonna tell you what to do.

A few weeks ago I saw a video on youtube, this one, about a recipe found on Pinterest. Now, I have no idea how Pinterest works, I have a vague idea of it’s existence, but that’s it, and I really don’t have any desire to find out. I already spend too much time on the internet. What I know, though, is that people find stuff to make or cook (or fuck up) on Pinterest, so that’s nice for those people. I found this recipe on youtube, so I got may ways, too. Take that, Pinterest!

The recipe (original here) is easy enough, so I thought I’d give it a try. That, and I was craving pizza and was looking for an alternative. Instead of pizza dough it uses pre-made rolls from a can (of course I couldn’t find the ones used in the original, but my German supermarket brand worked just fine)


which are then filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella and salami and baked in a muffin tray.


I topped them of with some left over Emmentaler cheese I had in the fridge which gave them some nice color on top.


There was minor tomato sauce leakage, but the Pizzacakes came out of the tin without sticking, which I had secretly feared, so it was already a win in my book.


Not only were they pretty, they also tasted amazing. I will definitely make them again, albeit with some adjustments. The tomato sauce I used was made from puree, which made it runny, sauce made from minced tomatoes will probably work better. What was also off was the dough/filling ratio, but this might also be solved with different sauce.

All in all I am now able to say that I tried a recipe off Pinterest while still not knowing what that site is about. And I have a way to serve pizza to larger groups in a way that does not necessarily require cutlery.