Avocado Mousse with Salmon

Recipe Challenge, part 2. I’m really not sure if I can keep this up for the year, I should have taken a better look at what kind of recipes it would be. But I went out today and bought an avocado and salmon and tried to make this:


And this is what I got:


Not too bad, if I might say so myself. The only problem was that the recipe is party-sized (for 12 portions) and I eyeballed it for a single portion. At least now I know what I’m having for dinner…



I maybe should have looked at the Food Challenge Calendar before promising one meal a week – it seems like it’s editors didn’t intend it to be cooked in order. The first recipe is Tandoori chicken with Raita, the problem is, it requires a grill, which I don’t own, and fresh peppermint, which I just couldn’t find. So I’m gonna have to save that for the summer and try my luck next week (well, this week) with Avocado mousse with salmon.


Assuming 2013 will happen (the world didn’t end on Raising Hope, I’m gonna believe them), I have set myself a challenge. It’s pretty spur of the moment, but whatever. My roomie gave me this weekly calendar for Christmas

Partyfood 2013

(so I can cook other stuff for my guests than lasagna, she said). It has one recipe per week, and I want to cook myself through it. Let’s see how that goes.